Over a century of family tradition

  • 1907

    1907 Chatel, over a century of family tradition.

    Rue Juliette Dodu in Saint Denis, Reunion Island. A pharmacist by profession, Jean CHATEL decided not to take over his father’s pharmacy in order to use the family premises as a distillery. In huge 250 litre wooden barrels, the preparations were stirred by hand and then sold in demijohns before being delivered by donkey carts.

  • 1957

    1957 Jeanne Chatel at the head of the Distillery

    Jeanne Chatel, the founder’s daughter, takes over the management of the distillery and decides to develop a new range of products. This is how the company’s range of punchs in bottles was created. Moreover, the handmade production being outdated it is replaced by an automated production line. In 1960, the company acquires its first bottling machine: “La Girondine”.

  • 1975

    1975 Chatel moves to “Le Chaudron”

    Thanks to its constant success the company rapidly outgrows its distillery in “Rue Juliette Dodu”, downtown St Denis and needs to seek a more appropriate location.
    Chatel relocates to “Le Chaudron” in the outskirts of St Denis where it will have enough room to build a new production line in scale with its booming activity.

  • 1981

    1981 Alain Chatel takes over the family-run company.

    Alain Chatel, Jean Chatel’s grandson, has been managing the company since 1981. As the distillery’s Master blender, he creates all the new recipes. Nowadays, after a century of activity, the company continues passing on its landmark know-how and, in the same time expanding it’s locally made as well as imported product portfolio.

  • 1998

    1998 Acquisition of the Vue belle distillery.

    Chatel acquires the Vue Belle distillery which manufactures liqueurs, rum-based creams all packed in original, innovative and luxurious presentations which have won many rewards. In 1990 “Pause Café”, with its fine gold printing, won the “Oscar of packaging”.

  • 2006

    2006 Launch of Cubi Punch

    A real innovation in punch history … A ready-to-drink blended punch, packed in 3 liters Bag in Box for practical use. The idea was simple but no other producer had thought of it! Chatel as a pioneering market leader for the last century was the first to make it. CUBIPUNCH was born and it was created in Reunion Island!

  • 2007

    2007 100 years of history

    Take a century of punch, add a hundred years of passion for Reunion Island, it’s sugar cane and fruit, blend in 30 devoted people, a multitude of recipes and one intense belief: “Create the punch in tune with our times” and you have the Chatel Distillery. Two golden rules guide the distillery day in, day out: quality & innovation. A success story that has only just begun…

  • 2008

    2008 A new production unit in Sainte Marie.

    A century of innovation later, the company produces up to 1.5 million of bottles per year and has just celebrated its century of existence. To prepare for the future Chatel decides to move for the second time in 25 years in order to optimize the production.

  • 2010

    2010 « And Chatel revisited the punch! »

    Alain Chatel reinvented the standards of traditional punch in order to better give justice to the expression of the tropical fruits from Reunion Island. At the same time, the distillery creates new trends of cocktails through its new range of surprising punches branded «les inédits»: the results of audacious mixes of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

  • 2012

    2012 International Recognition

    «Les Inédits», the last born cocktail range of J. Chatel Distillery, now enriched with two new flavors (coconut & hibiscus and geranium & cinnamon) have been seen at SIAL (International Exhibition for Food) in Paris and received the SIAL Innovation 2012 label..

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