In the Chatel family’s precious recipe book, Jean Chatel’s first creations and Alain Chatel’s new recipes are compiled. The know-how of the distillery can be found in the selection as well as the transformation process of each fruit: maceration, extraction, infusion, fresh fruit juices…

One of the keys of the creation process is the selection of the best raw materials in order to elaborate high-quality products. The main fruits and spices used in the products originate from Reunion Island and are carefully selected by the master-blender himself.

Jean Chatel
History of the creators

A family tradition passed down from generation to generation…

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Chatel laboratory
The CHATEL Know How

Since 1907, our know-how is the result of our passion…

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Chatel pictures
CHATEL in pictures

More than 100 years of history and products…

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