The Chatel Know How

  • Since 1907, Our know-how is the result of our passion.

    Over the past century, the know-how of the distillery Jean Chatel has been passed on from one generation to the next. Our creators have always been constantly dedicated to their passion in order to offer you the best from Reunion Island.

  • Since 1907, we create punches in tune with times

    In the precious recipe book of the family distillery that Jean Chatel started last century, you will find both Alain Chatel’s recipes and his grandfather’s next to each other. Constantly in tune with his times and in touch with his local roots, our master-blender constantly innovates to offer new and modern flavors.

  • Since 1907, we select the best fruits.

    Before the production and the transformation process of fruits (maceration, extraction, infusion…), the distillery develops strong partnerships with producers in Reunion island.
    The Company extracts from the best fruits and spices in order to offer high quality products to the consumers.

Jean Chatel
History of the creators

A family tradition passed down from generation to generation…

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Chatel pictures
CHATEL in pictures

More than 100 years of history and products…

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100 ans Chatel
100 years of history

Over a century of family tradition…

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